Diana model 27 dayz

A friend of mine has the rifle. The story is his Grandfather brought it back from Germany after the war. From what I've read there were numbers stamped into the butt stock that indicated the year of manufacturer, it that is the case this one was made in My buddy shot it all through his childhood and literally wore it out, now he's wanting to get it in shooting order again.

If you know of a good parts source or someone that has a good reputation of working on them please let me know. John Groenewold at JG Airguns is the go to guy for vintage springers. He has parts and can make a leather piston seal, if he doesn't have one in stock. These classic rifles are very simple and were made in the thousands and marketed under many brand names.

After WW II, production machinery was moved to Milbro in Scotland as part of the war reparations act and many more were built there.

Another option would to visit the American Vintage Airguns site and make your request there. These guys are mostly collectors and know this rifle well. I enjoy my model 27, they are rather simple to work on.

The number on the stock is very unlikely to be a year of manufacture. The last year I herd of them being built in Germany isGermany sent every thing into the war effort by much before the U. Got involved in Not only gives an incredibly smooth adjustable two-stage pull, but allows the trigger to be dry-fired without cocking the action, similar to many modern match air rifles.

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are not taking any. But we do have the necessary parts for you to. Here is a link to our Diana 27 parts page containing all. If you should decide not. I spoke with Dave Slade about the rifle, then passed his contact info to the owner. I don't know if he has talked to Dave or not. Thanks guys.

diana model 27 dayz

Tens of thousands mfg. One of the most successful barrel cocking adult air rifles of all time. The Model 27L, 27A, 27E, 27S, and 27 air rifles appear somewhat similar, but they are completely unrelated with virtually no common parts. Views : Likes : 0. August 21, at am Link. Thanks, Justin. JW Participant.This gun is a post-war model 27 made by Millard Brothers "Milbro" in Scotland, on re-located German pre-war machinery.

The action is a direct copy of the old German rifle, though the beech stock is more characteristically English in profile. I acquired this gun with no finish on the stock, but as far as I can tell the originals had a plain clear finish with no stain. The style of markings is quite different from the old German guns, with the logo bigger and the "British Made" line added. While this gun is in some ways not as well-made as its German predecessor, especially displaying a lot of unfinished milling marks, the metal polish and deep rich blueing are very English indeed.

The breech area allows further comparison to the details and workmanship of the pre-war DRP German gun. The screws and rear sight may actually be German-made parts, they certainly appear to be identical to the older gun from across the Channel. Somewhat surprisingly, Milbro duplicated the fantastic pre-war adjustable 2-stage set-trigger mechanism on this gun.

The adjuster screws again look identical to the older German gun, though the blade is only blued and not case-hardened. Beech is really rather nice in its own right. Makes you wonder why so many makers insist on trying to make fake walnut out of it! While Milbro was busy making pre-war model 27's Diana in Germany was re-designing the gun and re-tooling for renewed production in the early 's. The chief change was the greatly simplified but still excellent ball-sear trigger, though the powerplant, cocking links, and many other details were also changed.

Markings are much like the pre-war rifle, though the small "Made in Germany" line has replaced the Nazi-era DRP stamp. When I first got this one, I was amazed at how many components appear to be exactly the same as the pre-war gun. That includes all the screws in this photo, as well as the complete receiver tube!

Note the nifty fluted breech jaws are still present. The rear sight is also very similar, and in fact may be of pre-war manufacture, though the blade is wider than any DRP-era sights I have seen. The way the new parts are designed around these old ones is really remarkable. The trigger blade on this gun is solid aluminum alloy, with both the adjuster and locking screw accessible through the trigger guard.

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diana model 27 dayz

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Thanks for the info. Will try on zombies. I tried a tripwire and nothing happened when tripped. GilliganTrevor93 15 Oct am. Derleth 15 Oct am. NightSurgeon the rifle sling is just a cosmetic thing, you put it on your shoulder slot and the rifle in the attachment slot, you'll carry the rifle across your back with the barrel pointing to the ground, a more natural way to carry a slinged rifle.

Plus you won't have your rifle protruding through car roofs. It is used to distract zombies, throw it - and sneak away while they investigate. If it actually is louder to them than throwing any random object I don't know, haven't tested. The fact neither this or any other thrown object will make noise other players can hear has put me off.

Not a fault of the mod, just a feature still missing from the base game. I want to throw stuff to trick other players CABS 14 Oct pm.Diana as a brand is German in origin, hailing from Mayer and Grammelspacher dating back toand the company certainly has a colourful history. After World War II, Britain secured all the tooling, machinery, and importantly, the drawings for Diana airguns and Millard Brothers took up the baton, manufacturing airguns from their plant in Motherwell, Scotland.

diana model 27 dayz

However, once Milbro ceased to trade, the German operation could once again resume production of Diana-branded products. When I first saw this Model 27, I assumed that rather snazzy alloy trigger blade was a custom fitting, but this model, whilst still a relatively basic, break-barrel spring-powered workhorse, came fitted with a great unit as standard, including that super comfortable blade. Diana actually pioneered a trigger design that incorporated three ball bearings, and whilst they can be notoriously difficult to adjust, the end result is way above the average.

Features include an adjustable rear sight and also an adjustable breech bolt, with a lockable adjuster. This kind of attention to detail always adds to the enjoyment of ownership and whilst the chemical bluing on this example has worn away in places, from years of use, the wooden stock is particularly well preserved. The Model 27 is relatively low-powered, with and fps quoted as rough guides for midweight pellets for.

Hi Trey, How do I get in touch with you? I am interested in the Diana 27 if you still have it! Thanks Mike. It has a drawing of Diana on the top rear and says it was made in Britain. It does not hold the cock position. I am looking for a source for parts. Also, for a detailed diagram or pictures of parts.

Looking for someone to talk to regarding how to do repairs on it. I was given a GECADO air rifle stamped made in Birmingham by my father for my birthday inwho bought it off a next door neighbour, whose son had it for God knows how many years. It looks identical to the Diana Model 27 shown.

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Just started to refurbish it after all those years of neglect and torture. Barrel is not too bad, but the screws are all seized and the front part of the stock is pretty rotten. It has come in very handy when teaching people how to shoot for the first time.

I have a Diana Model 27, inherited from my grandfather. I have a Diana mod 27 but when i got it it was in a bit of a state i have cleaned it up not as new a oil and polish but my barrel has a kink i think it was a fair ground gun so it shots high i have tried to get it strait but i cant so im looking for a second hand barrel if any one can help. Hi all admirers of the famous old Diana brand air guns. I was 9 years old and my Grandfather offered me this gun in It was bought firsthand at the gun shop as a birthday gift.

Pre WWII Diana Model 27?

Uses lead and 4. The gun shop was relocated earlier this year to a different location in the same location near Lisbon. The barrel is striated. It still works perfectly using all Uses lead projectiles for weapons with 4. Best regards, Herlander I have a Diana Model 27 made in Germany I purchased it in and it still work very well and is in quite good condition although pellets are difficult to come by now days.

I will shortly be moving into sheltered accommodation and will not be able to take it with me. Is it worth anything would be grateful for any advise. Made in great Britain.This is a very good earlier example, with no model number stamped on the cylinder and a "Diana-Luft-Gewehr" stamp on the barrel.

It's in working order and still able to push pellets out at over fps, says owner Mike D. The export version of this rifle see "Millard Bros catalogue, early s" in the literature etc thread.

This is a later example of this model, with the model number stamped on the cylinder. It appears to have been nickel-plated. Note the keeper screw on the trigger block cross bolt.

The rifle is in. These have been seen on post-WW2 Diana mods. This rifle could actually be a mod 37 according to the illustrations on this list. We're not certain whether this is a model 32 or a 27 with a BSA block-type rearsight fitted.

It is the right length for a model 32 but not exactly the published weight. Here is an export model It has no markings whatsoever, so perhaps was destined to be 'rebadged'in an export market? Note the unusual BSA-style trigger guard, which is similar to one fitted to the export model 27 pictured earlier in this section.

Many thanks to Tomas for these pics. This lovely rifle yes, it is rifled, not smoothbore is Most of its original blued finish remains and it has the Lincoln-Jeffries-style adjustable block rear sight.

This is an interesting 'patents pending' example of the half-stocked DRP. Unusually, it has a metal buttplate similar to the pre-DRP rifle models. Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts. Powered by wpForo version 1.

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My Diana Air Rifle collection, going strong!

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Second Hand Focus: Diana Model 27

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