How long does non rehireable status last

How long does a non-rehireable status stay in an employment file? And can it keep you from getting another job? My sister was fired and she does not why. She has wrote to them and all they say is they can not change her status at this time to try again in the furture. Depends on the place, the circumstances, and how often they have turn over.

Some places will rehire someone after a few month especially if they see that you weren't so bad after all unless you went out with a bang. If it was for failing a drug test and the company isn't in some type of sensitive business they may forgive you fairly quickly if you have a way to show you are better. It could possibly keep you from getting a job if your next job actually does a reference check and happens to ask the right person if you are eligable for rehire.

I have had many professional positions to include being in the military and not once did anyone that I know of checked my references or called past employers. Most know you left for a reason and even if you weren't a bad employee that they still might say negative things about you over being bitter that you quit. Update: My sister was fired and she does not why. Answer Save. Big Tom Lv 5. Favorite Answer. Barbara 3 years ago Report. Judy Lv 7. How long it stays is up to the company.

Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Forums Target General JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Jun 30, Messages Ill start by saying that I was a target employee two years ago,I was multi-trained in literally everything.

Ofcourse I had my days where I came late or even Did a ncns on Accident but came the day I got my second job I felt cocky and didn't care about target, so I put in my two weeks, and like most people I did a no call no show my last day nonrehireable So as months went by I started hating my nursing assistant job and even missing target, so I called and spoke to my old Etl and he told me by not showing up my last day it made me nonrehirable, but he told me that he'll run it with my other etl and that they will get back with me.

A week went by and i Heard nothing and I was kinda upset that I burnt my bridge. So months went by and I would continue to put apps in at target, even at different locations. I dont know why I just didn't move on, so I called the target Hr-line and did a lot of research and founded out there's really no true answer about the no rehire status, even people on this website was giving me different answers.

I called hr AGAIN to speak with someone different, now they're saying that a nonrehirable status means nothing and that once you put a app in just follow up with your applicationMeaning you still have a fair chance So here I am getting all these Different answers, so last week I called another location and she got the questioning me about my target history.

Before we hung up she told me she will call me back and she did!!. That next day she had setup a interview and came the day of the interview I got the job and even making a dollar extra!!!!

No one knows, it's truly a mystery how powerful a No-rehire status is at-least with target. Hell no!! And work them!!!!! Don't burn your bridge.


Now it's just one last question that's really getting to me. When i get ready to leave again, and i do plan to work my FULL last two weeks, but would this make me re-hireable in the system?

Non-rehireable Status Questions

Last edited: Aug 24, Produce Queen. Joined May 9, Messages 1, That post hurt my brain to try to read. Kartman MasterBlaster. Joined Nov 20, Messages 9, Paragraphs are your friends! Joined Jun 25, Messages Did anyone ever read The Stand by Stephen King? I wouldn't rehire Harold LauderIf an HR policy exists stating " ineligible for rehire " will not given out but they are. I recently discovered my previous employer with whom I did not leave on good terms with is providing the information that I am " ineligible for rehire " which is keeping me from finding work.

I also rec I just found out that I am " ineligible for rehire " after an industrial leave. What are my options? I was employed with a national Health Care Organization for over 13 years, before sustaining an industrial injury. My leave ran out before I was able to return to work, thus my employment with the Manager noted my employee file ineligible for rehire.

With no reason as to why I worked for a large company for 21 years. I had 2 children within the last 2years of working there after my 2nd child was born I resigned due to family. I followed all proper step. I was not fire and I saw my personnel file and I'm horrified to what was in it. I didn't know some of those things were in there. Too much time has passed so I've lost an opportunity to rebuttal.

What can I do? Rebuttal for personnel file where too much time has passed. What if you never worked for the company that has come back saying A new employer is affiliated with a company that, after receiving my new hire iformation, has now come back saying that I am ineligible for rehire with them. The problem is that I never worked for thi Ineligible for Severance in buyout situation Our employer has the following statement in our severence plan: "You are ineligible to participate if you are offered a job with a company that purchases all or part of the operation in which you are I was terminated for absenteeism.

Mgmt eventually terminated my services. Now when I reapply a yr. Selective Policy Enforcement, Employer who fails to follow own policy I am wondering what my legal options are, if any.

how long does non rehireable status last

I was terminated for "Poor Attendance" based on a progressive disciplinary plan. Per policy my occurences were to be reviewed on a said date, which di Can I sue over breach of agreement on status of rehire when my job was eliminated? After 10 years my job with a Fortune company was eliminated due to downsizing.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors.

how long does non rehireable status last

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Unfair Non-rehire Status From Former Employer

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What is the name of your state? Georgia My former employer has me in their system as non-rehirable, although I resigned following every step as governed by the company's rules. I filled out my resignation form, giving a two-week notice, and my seperation paperwork. When I submitted the form to my boss, I was told since I was leaving to work for a competing company I would have to leave immediately. I inquired at that time if it would affect my ability to come back to work for that company any time in the future, and I was told that it would not.

I was also told that, although I wasn't working out my two-week notice as per their request, I would be eligible to recieve any unused vacation time I had accrued. Since that day, I have not recieved my vacation pay, because I was told that my in-store records show that I had none left, despite the fact that the corporate office reflects that I had 4 days left at the time of my resignation. I have recently applied for a position with another company affiliated with my previous employer, and have discovered that I am in their system as "non-rehirable.

I was not allowed to make copies of any of the forms for my personal records, but I have 2 people who witnessed me filling out the paperwork other than the two supervisors I had my seperation interview with. As a part of the management team, I have experienced this with several ex-employees who were wrongly put into the system as non-rehires and was told there were absolutely no exceptions.

Is there anything I can legally do to have my rehirability status changed? And is there any law that would allow for my suing the company for blocking me from a job I am qualified for and capable of doing?

The company had me sign an arbitration agreement at the beginning of my employment; am I still bound to that agreement despite the fact I no longer work for them? There are no laws in any state that dictate to an employer when or whether they must make any employee eligible for rehire.I recently got a comment from a job seeker who left his job, where he had received great reviews … up to the time he gave notice.

When I had my review, it was verbal, nothing in writing, nothing dated and signed … no proof. My clients have given me rave reviews which is a relief. You might even see this as help in weeding out the judgmental, close-minded employers. Your best approach for moving forward might include any or all:. Some employers never go beyond that. Clients from that last job will help. You might even give an example of a major accomplishment to the benefit of your former employer.

Add in something about previous jobs and glowing reviews there too — which is why all this surprised you. Hopefully you have excellent references from those. Or come up with something else positive about you that is based on your real experience there and yet also connects to the new job. Bad jobs do happen to good people. And I admit that I dug deep to try to nose out the truth about a potential hire. We learned that the hard way. The hiring process takes so long and the consequences of a wrong hire are just too great.

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Unfair Non-rehire Status From Former Employer

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Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I have spent nearly 6 years working for a large company. All of my appraisals, including as a stylisthave been very good. I have had success with the salon sales. I have never been written up on corrective issues, never had a disciplinary or attendance problem.

I have created programs with my staff that have been picked up by our corporate offices and are now national programs within our company. I had a goal of eventually working in the corporate offices in the salon division. I felt that I had reached a place in my career and that I was going places within the company. They offered me more money and a faster opportunity for advancement within their company. I was interviewed and accepted the position.

The process took much longer than expected to start with the new company weeks.Skip to main content. When completing Section 3, you must also complete the last name, first name and middle initial fields in the Employee Info from Section 1 area at the top of Section 2.

how long does non rehireable status last

The employment authorization expiration date provided by your employee in Section 1 may not match the document expiration date recorded under List A or List C in Section 2. The earlier date must be used to determine when reverification is necessary. We suggest that you remind employees, at least 90 days before the date reverification is required, that they will be required to present a List A or List C document or acceptable receipt showing continued employment authorization on the date that their employment authorization or documentation whichever is sooner, expires.

Receipts for a lost, stolen or damaged document are acceptable for reverification. If you previously completed Section 3, or if the version of the form you used for a previous verification is no longer valid, you must complete Section 3 of a new Form I-9 using the most current version and attach it to the previously completed Form I If you rehire your employee within 3 years of the date that a previous Form I-9 was completed, you may either complete a new Form I-9 for your employee or complete Section 3 of the previously completed Form I Such a change may call into question your continued ability to rely on the documents your employee previously presented, as they reasonably relate to the employee.

You may encounter situations other than a legal change of name where an employee informs you that his or her identity is different from the time Form I-9 was previously completed. If your employee informs you that the name, date of birth, or Social Security number is substantially different from what he or she previously provided on Form I-9, and is unable to provide evidence linking the new information to the identity previously used you should:. Employers may complete Section 3 when: Your employee is rehired within 3 years of the date that Form I-9 was originally completed.

Your employee has a legal name change. Employers should not reverify: U. This includes conditional residents. To complete Section 3, you must: Examine the unexpired documents to determine if they appear to be genuine and to relate to your employee. If you feel the document does not reasonably appear to be genuine and relate to your employee, allow your employee to present other documentation from the List of Acceptable Documents. Record the document title, document number and expiration date, if any.

Sign and date Section 3.

how long does non rehireable status last

Rehires If you rehire your employee within 3 years of the date that a previous Form I-9 was completed, you may either complete a new Form I-9 for your employee or complete Section 3 of the previously completed Form I To complete Section 3 for rehires, you must: Confirm that the original Form I-9 relates to your employee.

Review the original Form I-9 to determine if your employee is still authorized to work, including whether employment authorization documentation presented in Section 2 List A or List C has since expired or have been auto-extended.

Use the guidelines to determine if reverification applies. If your employee is still authorized to work and his or her employment authorization documentation is still valid, enter the date of the rehire in the space provided in Section 3. If your employee is no longer authorized to work or the employment authorization documentation has since expired and requires reverification, request that the employee present an unexpired List A or List C document.

Enter the document information and the date of rehire in the spaces provided in Section 3. If the current version of Form I-9 is different from the previously completed Form I-9, you must complete Section 3 on the current version.


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