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Due to the current COVID concerns, and in an effort to keep the public and staff as safe as possible, the Arizona Corporation Commission has decided to temporarily close our in-person window counter services in Phoenix and Tucson as follows. In addition, all meetings with Commission employees are by appointment only. Customers will be able to complete most business filings online and you will be able to fax or mail filings, as usual.

All docket filings may be submitted by efiling at efiling. Arizona Corporation Commissioner Sandra D. March Open Meeting Highlights. Toggle navigation. Important Notice: Due to the current COVID concerns, and in an effort to keep the public and staff as safe as possible, the Arizona Corporation Commission has decided to temporarily close our in-person window counter services in Phoenix and Tucson as follows.

Boyd Dunn Commissioner. Bob Burns Chairman.

proprio direct commission

Justin Olson Commissioner. Sandra Kennedy Commissioner. Latest News. March Open Meeting Highlights Mar 25, Read More. Stay Connected. Business Buzz. Arizona Corporation Commission W. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ Corporations Division W.

Tucson Office Walk-ins only W. Congress Street Tucson, AZ Privacy Policy Contact.Located in the BC town of Pouce Coupe about 10 minutes outside Dawson Creekthe listing describes a "character home" with "loads of potential. Ways to Add Value to Your Home.

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Proprio Direct: la façon de faire traditionnelle bientôt bouleversée?

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An individual will not request a direct appointment; rather, an individual must be nominated and selected for consideration by the chain of command. The following factors apply when determining whether an individual should be nominated for a direct appointment or should instead attend OCS:.

Découvrez pourquoi les gens préfèrent Proprio Direct

An individual whose record exhibits two or more of the following situations should pursue OCS rather than a direct appointment:. Individuals meeting any one or more of the following conditions are not authorized for a direct appointment: Individuals currently enrolled in OCS.

proprio direct commission

Basic Eligibility Requirements. An applicant must have served a minimum of 24 months of active service in any federally recognized unit. The applicant must also have served at least 12 months in an active Army National Guard unit immediately preceding application. Individual must also be a US Citizen.

The letters must contain objective details outlining the traits, actions, skills, experiences, characteristics, training, and education that deem the individual exceptionally qualified to receive a direct appointment instead of being required to complete an OCS program. Skip to main content Press Enter. An individual whose record exhibits two or more of the following situations should pursue OCS rather than a direct appointment: Lack of documented leadership position completion of BNCOC or higher will substitute.

Failure to meet Army Physical Fitness test scores of at least 70 points in each event. Body fat that is within 2 percent of maximum allowable, in combination with an APFT score of or less.

NCOERs or Academic evaluation reports that do not provide written comments indicating above average accomplishments or address leadership skills. Individuals who were unenrolled, dropped, or resigned from OCS. This includes soldiers who attended pre-Phase 1 orientation drills, but dropped prior to the official start of Phase 1. Individuals who drop from OCS with the intention of applying for a direct appointment.

Individuals meeting any of the conditions stated in NGR ARparagraph and a, b, and c. Basic Eligibility Requirements An applicant must have served a minimum of 24 months of active service in any federally recognized unit.Skip navigation. Do you have questions about multi-level marketing? The FTC staff has guidance to help members of the MLM industry apply core consumer protection principles to their business practices.

Multi-level marketing is a diverse and varied industry, employing many different structures and methods of selling. Although there may be significant differences in how multi-level marketers sell their products or services, core consumer protection principles are applicable to every member of the industry.

The Commission staff offers this non-binding guidance to assist multi-level marketers in applying those core principles to their business practices. Direct selling is a blanket term that encompasses a variety of business forms premised on person-to-person selling in locations other than a retail establishment, such as social media platforms or the home of the salesperson or prospective customer.

Multi-level marketing is one form of direct selling. Generally, a multi-level marketer MLM distributes products or services through a network of salespeople who are not employees of the company and do not receive a salary or wage. An MLM compensation structure that incentivizes participants to buy product, and to recruit additional participants to buy product, to advance in the marketing program rather than in response to consumer demand in the marketplace, poses particular risks of injury.

Where such an unlawful compensation structure exists, a participant is unlikely to be able to earn money or recover his or her costs through selling product to the public.

In such circumstances, participants will often attempt to recruit new participants who will buy product, and pressure existing recruits to buy product, with little concern for consumer demand.

At the most basic level, the law requires that an MLM pay compensation that is based on actual sales to real customers, rather than based on mere wholesale purchases or other payments by its participants.

In evaluating MLM practices, the FTC, in accord with established case law, focuses on how the structure as a whole operates in practice, and considers factors including marketing representations, participant experiences, the compensation plan, and the incentives that the compensation structure creates.

Product that is purchased and consumed by participants to satisfy their own genuine product demand — as distinct from all product purchased by participants that is not resold — is not in itself indicative of a problematic MLM compensation structure.

For example, the final order entered in FTC v. Herbalife permits the payment of compensation based on personal consumption, subject to specific limitations and verification requirements. Second, the FTC staff is likely to consider information bearing on whether particular wholesale purchases by business opportunity participants were made to satisfy personal demand.

The persuasiveness of this information in any particular case will depend on its reliability. BurnLounge argued that its participants bought product packages consisting of sales websites and music-related merchandise because they wanted to use the merchandise. At most, actual demand was responsible for only a small minority of package sales, and BurnLounge was found to have an unfair or deceptive compensation structure. When evaluating MLMs, the FTC focuses on how the structure as a whole operates in practice and considers factors including marketing representations, participant experiences, the compensation plan, and the incentives that the compensation structure creates.This program represents an opportunity for individuals with prior U.

SRDC selectees are typically assigned to a position that is within a reasonable commuting distance of their home.

proprio direct commission

The specific position may be in any one of the many mission fields performed by the USCG, including, but not limited to, marine safety and prevention, contingency planning, enforcement and incident management, and logistics management. Reserve officers can typically expect to gain further qualifications and training to specialize in the mission field coincident with their first assignment.

However, depending on the needs of the service, it is possible to receive subsequent assignments in additional mission fields and specialties. Active-Duty Careers. Reserve Careers. Family and Friends. Mobile Menu Main Menu: Explore your options Yes, I'd like to receive more information from the U.

Coast Guard via email about pay and benefits, careers, eligibility, job vacancies, and more. Please Select One: - Select - I am at least 17 years old with no prior military experience. I am at least 17 years old with prior military experience.

I am an educator or family member. Email Address:. Initial Assignments: SRDC selectees are typically assigned to a position that is within a reasonable commuting distance of their home. Career Paths: Reserve officers can typically expect to gain further qualifications and training to specialize in the mission field coincident with their first assignment. SRDC Eligibility Requirements: Age: Must have reached your 22 nd but not your 37 th birthday as of 30 September of the fiscal year in which the selection Panel convenes.

For fiscal year you cannot have reached your 37 th birthday by 30 September Age Waiver : If you have active duty service, you can exceed the age limit by the amount of active duty service time you have accrued, up to 5 years. The limit on active duty service time that can be applied to exceed the age limit is 60 months or 5 years, and the age limit with up to 5 years of active duty service time is 41 years and days by 30 Sept Example 1 : You will be 41 years, 6 months by 30 Septemberexceeding the age of 37 by 4.

You have 8 years of active duty time. You can apply up to 5 years of active duty time to exceed the max age, which covers the amount 4. You are eligible. Example 2: You will be 39 years by 30 Septemberexceeding the age of 37 by 2 years.

You have one year of active duty time. When applying your one year, you still exceed the max age by one year. You are not eligible. Character Standards : All applicants must be of outstanding moral character. Citizenship : Must be a U.The PCC aims to promote and maintain market competition within the Philippines by regulating anti-competition behavior.

The main role of the PCC is to promote economic efficiency within the Philippine economy, ensuring fair and healthy market competition. The Philippine Competition Commission institutes a regulatory environment for market competition in order to protect consumers, whereby they are aimed to be given access to more options over what goods or services to patronize.

It would also have the effect of creating competitive businesses that would encourage economic efficiency and innovation. The Philippine Competition Commission was formed in 27 January Since that time, the Philippine Competition Commission has formed offices through which they their mandate.

It aims to promote and protect market competition in the country. It protects the well-being of consumers and preserves the efficiency of competition in the marketplace.

The Philippine Competition Act was passed in after being stuck in Congress for 24 years. The Act is expected to improve consumer protection and help accelerate investment and job creation in the country, consistent with the goal of the national government in fostering an inclusive form of economic growth. Enforcement of this law would help ensure that markets are open and free, challenging anti-competitive business practices, while maintaining an economic environment where businesses could compete based on the quality of their work.

A competitive market means a market with multiple buyers and multiple sellers, which has the effect of driving market prices lower and offering consumers more choices. For some economists, a "truly competitive market" encourages efficiency and innovation, forcing businesses to excel.

Ina drastic increase in the price of garlic led to then President Benigno S. Aquino III conducting an investigation, which resulted in the discovery of a cartel controlling garlic imports. This became the first instance wherein the Philippines gained a law specifically on competition.

Direct commission officer

The official website of the Philippine Competition Commission cites the following reasons on why they consider market competition to be important:. In addition, the official website states that in its capacity as a regulatory body, the Philippine Competition Commission helps protect markets in the Philippines from anti-competitive behavior, thereby protecting consumers from having their choices unfairly limited by companies that seek to severely limit these choices in order to increase profits.

The official website of the Philippine Competition Commission states that a stable, fair playing field is expected to result in greater interest among foreign investors, which in turn would lead to an expansion of the market, and opening global opportunities for companies in the Philippines, big or small.

According to Howard Ellisan anti-trust lawyer based in the United States, economics is inherently individualistic, and without the individual's ability to choose freely economics cannot exist.A major incentive for civilians with four-year degrees and high-demand technical skills to enter the Army as junior officers is the scale of the mission they will do, said two generals who lead Army cyber and spoke to reporters about the program on Tuesday.

Paul Nakasone, commander of Army Cyber Command. We have that opportunity every single day. Patricia Frost talks about priorities and what's ahead for the growing Army cyber force. The five-year pilot program will commission up to five cyber operations officers per year into the active component, Nakasone said. For more newsletters click here.

The first board to consider applicants will take place in about a week, and the first class is anticipated to begin in February, Nakasone said. Once the candidates are accepted into program, they are sworn into the Army Reserve as second lieutenants.

Upon training, they enter active duty as first lieutenants, which has been the case with direct commissions into other branches in the past, Nakasone said.

proprio direct commission

The Army already offers direct commissions to bring officers into medical, legal and chaplain career fields. The fundamental character of war is changing rapidly, and it will be up to the U.

Direct commissions for Army cyber are intended to fill a number of capability gaps and make sure Army cyber teams can accomplish their missions, Nakasone and Frost said. The officers will do a range of tasks such as building tools and devices, writing algorithms, ciphers and programs, and doing research to support Cyber Mission Force teams. Their skills are needed now, but it takes time, even several years, to build cyber operators, Frost said. Both Congress and the Defense Department see the program as an opportunity to bridge the capability gaps, she said.

Applicants can expect to hear from the Army and be invited for an in-person interview at the U. Army cyber leaders see the interview as critical to determining if the applicant is someone who will meet the security needs of the force.

The applicants also will be asked to articulate the skills they will bring to the Army. This is a different approach than with typical, conventional accessions, Frost said. If the interview goes well, the applicant will be sworn in as a second lieutenant and go to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, for a four-week direct commissioning course, then on to Fort Gordon for an abbreviated week Cyber Officer Basic Leadership Course.

Then comes their first assignment as first lieutenants, most likely at Fort Gordon or at Fort Meade, Maryland. It will take an estimated five months to go from the first look at an application packet to getting the applicant through courses and putting the new officer to work, Nakasone said. Requirements for becoming an officer through the program include having at least a four-year college degree, ability to complete an Army physical, meet basic fitness standards and hold U.

They will serve a total of eight years in the service, at least three of those on active duty. Applicants must be less than 41 years old and be able to get and maintain a top-secret security clearance. The direct commission into cyber differs in several ways from getting a commission through Officer Candidate School.

Candidates at OCS will have completed Basic Combat Training before attending 12 weeks of tactical and leadership training at Fort Benning, Georgia, and they must not be older than They are not guaranteed to be commissioned as cyber officers even if they request it, but those selected through the direct commission program are guaranteed to become 17A cyber operations officers.

In addition, OCS candidates are commissioned as second lieutenants and typically serve 18 months of service before making first lieutenant.

Bringing in cyber professionals as lieutenants, rather than a higher rank, was determined in the National Defense Authorization Act as the level for each service, Nakasone said. After the first year of the program, Army cyber will review to see if the program was able to attract the talent hoped for, Nakasone said. The Army also will see if any changes need to be made, including whether to offer monetary incentives such as special pay or bonuses to sign up or stay in.

Once in uniform, the new officers will be paired with mentors, Nakasone said. Because direct commission officers are a small population, it will be easier to make sure they are taken care of, Frost said. They will be going through the initial course with other directly commissioned officers in other career fields, so they can talk with those officers as well.

Kathleen Curthoys is editor of Army Times. She has been an editor at Military Times for 20 years, covering issues that affect service members. Kathleen Curthoys. Two-star: Every soldier must be a cyber defender Maj.


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